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Using Scenes in Your Classrooms

Scenes need to be applied to a classroom before its rules will apply to students. Here are the different things you can do to apply or remove a scene from a classroom:

Note: before you can apply a scene to a classroom or set a scene as a classroom default, you will first need to have created a scene. You can learn more here: Create a New Scene.

Apply a Scene During an Active Classroom Session

Activating a scene during an active classroom session will apply all of its rules right away, including blocked sites and maximum open tab restrictions.

  1. After starting a classroom session, click the Change Scene button.

  2. Click on the scene you want to apply to the classroom session.

Apply a Scene to a Single Classroom Session Before it Begins

If you want to apply rules to a single classroom session, you can do so from the classroom’s Sessions tab. You can use a single session scene if you won’t be regularly using that session’s rules. For example, you could create a scene with a set of tabs to open automatically [[ link to this ]] and provide a guided lesson for your students, or set the scene to open a testing environment for your class.

To apply a scene to a single classroom session:

  1. From the Classrooms screen, select the classroom you want to apply the single session scene to.

  2. In the Sessions tab, click the Apply a scene to this session? dropdown, and select the scene you want to apply.

  3. Click the Start Session button when you’re ready to begin your classroom session.


Set a Scene as a Default so it Always Applies to Future Classroom Sessions

If you know that you’ll always be using a particular scene with one of your classrooms, then you can set it as a default. That way, whenever your classroom session starts, all of the rules you set in a scene will apply at the start of each classroom session.

To set a default scene for a classroom:

  1. Select a classroom that you want to apply a default scene to from your classrooms list or from the classrooms screen.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click the Default Scene dropdown, and select a scene.

  4. Click Save.


Remove a Scene from a Classroom

If you want to remove the rules set in place by a scene, then remove it from your classroom session. This will take effect immediately.

  1. During a classroom session, click the Change Scene button.

  2. Select None.

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