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Scenes Frequently Asked Questions

If I apply a scene midway through an active classroom session, will its rules take effect immediately?
Yes! Any and all rules contained in a scene will take effect right away. That means that any sites blocked in your scene’s settings will now be blocked for that classroom session.
How can I tell what scene is applied to a classroom session?
You can see which scene (if any) is applied to your classroom session by clicking on the Change Scene button, and looking at the list of available scenes. If the classroom has a scene, it will have a blue dot next to it.
Can I use the same scene for different classrooms?
Yes! You can use the same scene across all of your classrooms, or create different scenes for different classrooms.
Can I export scenes for other teachers to use?
Not at this time.
Can I delete a scene?
At this time, deleting scenes is not a feature of GoGuardian Teacher. If you would like to create a new scene and do not want to use an old scene, you can edit the old scene remove all of the previous settings/exceptions/tab limitations, then add the new settings/exceptions/tab limitations to the new desired scene. We plan to add this functionality soon!
Can I have more than one scene at a time?
You can create as many scenes as you like! However, you can only apply one scene to one classroom at one time.
Can I change an active scene during a classroom session?
Yes! During an active classroom session screen, click on the Change Scene button from your classroom, and select the scene you want to apply. You can also click None to remove the current scene’s rules from the classroom.
Can I have some of my students in one scene, and others in another scene?
Only if you have two different GoGuardian classrooms for the two different groups of students. If you only have one GoGuardian classroom for all of your students, then no.
Can I disable chat for a scene?
Yes! To disable chat for a scene, open the scene, and uncheck the Allow chat in this scene? area, just under the scene’s name.
Do exceptions work with subdomains and website subfolders? 
Yes for subfolders, but no for subdomains.
For example:
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