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Create, View, and Edit Scenes

Create a New Scene

You can create a new scene from the Scenes screen. You can get to the Scenes screen by:

  1. Click the Context Menu button  in GoGuardian Teacher.
  2. Scroll down to the Scenes heading.
  3. Click on All Scenes.
  4. Click on the +Add Scene button.


View Your Scenes

You can see and edit all of the scenes that you’ve created from the Scenes screen, which you can access from two different places: the Active Classrooms screen, and by using the Context Menu  in the upper left corner of GoGuardian Teacher.

  • From the Active Classrooms screen, click the Scenes button:


  • Using the Context Menu button in GoGuardian Teacher, and then click on All Scenes under the Scenes heading:

Edit Your Scenes

You can change any of a scene's attributes or settings by opening it. You can learn more about these here: Scene Attributes and Settings

To edit a scene that you’ve already created:

  1. Click on the scene you want to edit from the Scenes Screen
  2. Change its name, description, pattern, or any of its other settings by clicking on them and making your changes.
  3. Click the Save Scene button to save the changes to your scene. Your changes will take effect immediately.







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