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Session Emails

Session Summaries are messages sent to teachers that provide context and insight about student web activity during their last classroom session. By default, Session Summary emails are sent at the end of each classroom session. 
Each Session Summary email has four components:
  1. Classroom Session Details, including its name, duration, connected student count, and who started the class.
  2. Browsing Activity, a summary of your students' browsing activity over the course of the classroom session.
  3. Student Highlights, an overview of students with the highest and lowest amounts of web activity.
  4. Subscription Settings, allowing you to change which classes you receive session summaries for, or to disable reporting emails altogether.
Classroom Session Details
The Classroom Session Details section provides a high level overview of your classroom session, and includes a link that will let you see Timeline activity for the session. This section will also include the classroom name, duration, number of connected students, the session's date and whether or not it was scheduled, as well as who started the session.
Browsing Activity
Browsing Activity is a high-level summary of student browsing activity during a classroom session, and provides a chart and a list of where students spent their time online.
Student Highlights
The Students section gives an overview of students with the highest and lowest amounts of web activity, and are split into four session titles: Trendsetter, Explorer, Free Spirit, and Space Cadet. Each section title is assigned to students based on how much time they spent on the most popular classroom session website, as well as the most (or least!) time spent browsing the internet.
The “most popular” website is determined by which website the largest number of your students spent the most time on. For example, if your classroom session had ten students, and six spent a full hour on, and four students spent a full hour on, then would be the most popular site.
The Trendsetter title is for the student that spend the most time on the most popular site during the classroom session. 
The Explorer is given to the student that spent the most time browsing any websites, including the most popular website.
Free Spirit
The Free Spirit title is for the student whom spent the least amount of time on the classroom session’s most popular website.
Space Cadet 
The Space Cadet title is for the student that spent the least amount of time browsing the web.
Opting Out of Session Summary Emails
You can opt out of Session Summary emails on a classroom by classroom basis. To disable Session Summary emails for a classroom:
  1. From the GoGuardian Teacher dashboard, click on a classroom.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the Reporting tab.
  4. Click the toggle to disable Session Summary emails.
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