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The Students' Guide to Chat

What does the   icon do?
The  lets you talk directly with your classroom’s teacher and their helpers. Here is what it looks like when you send a message to your teacher, and how it looks when they see it:
How it looks when you send a message to your teacher:  How it looks when your teacher receives a message from you:
How do I chat with my teacher?
GoGuardian Chat only works while your class is in session.  
Here’s how to send a message to your teacher:
First, click on the  icon.
Second, the Conversations window will pop up.

Third, Click on the name of your classroom, enter your message, and click on the .

If you're feeling fancy, you can also press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Can anyone else see chats I send to my teacher?

Any teachers for your classroom can see your chats. Ask your teacher if you have questions about who the teachers for your classroom are.

Can I chat with other students?
Nope! Chat in GoGuardian is there to help you talk to your teacher when you don’t want to interrupt the class. You can’t use it to talk to other people in your class.
How do I know when my teacher sends me a chat?
When you get a new chat from your teacher, a number will appear in the , and you will see a popup in the lower-left corner of your screen. It will look like this: 
Why is there a number in the ?
If you see a number in the , it means that your teacher has sent you a chat!
How come the  is gone?
Chat in GoGuardian only works when class is in session. 
Also, Chat can be turned off by your teacher, so if you see the  for one of your classes but not another, ask your teacher if Chat has been disabled. 
How come my screen froze with my teacher’s message?
When your teacher sends you a message with Announcement Mode, your screen will lock until you click on the Got it button.
Happy chatting!


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