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How do I use Chat in GoGuardian Teacher?

Hi there!

This article has a series of questions that we've had users ask about GoGuardian Teacher's Chat feature. It's great for specific questions, but if you want to learn how to use Chat in Teacher, we recommend starting here: Chat in GoGuardian Teacher.

Is chat enabled or disabled by default for classrooms?

Chat has to be enabled for each classroom session. You can learn how to enable chat here: Disable or Enable Chat.

Will student messages be included in Screenview or Snapshot mode?

Yes! However, because Chat for students takes place in its own Chrome window, the chat will only appear in the Screenview or Snapshot if the Chat was the current, active window.

Can I add images, videos, or media other than plaintext to Chat messages?

Currently, Chat in GoGuardian Teacher supports plaintext.

How quickly are messages sent?

Messages are sent and received nearly instantly for students, teachers, and helpers.

Can I use Chat when I have multiple active classroom sessions?

Yes, although you will need to change which classroom you’re viewing to see, send, and respond to messages. You can learn more here: Using Chat Across Multiple Classrooms.

Can a teacher tell whether or not a student has read a sent message?

After a message is sent and the Chat window is active, a Seen indicator will appear beneath the message for students, teachers, and helpers.

Can teachers send chat messages to other teachers/helpers in the classroom directly?

Currently, Chat in GoGuardian Teacher allows teachers and helpers to message students directly, but not each other.

Do the Enter or Return keys on my keyboard send messages, or just the airplane button?

Yes! You can send a message by clicking either the  or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

How does a teacher send the same message to multiple students at once?

Currently, GoGuardian Teacher allows teachers and helpers to send individual students messages. You can send the same message to multiple students by copying your text, and pasting it into individual messages to multiple students.

Can I see chat logs from earlier sessions?

Not yet! Historical chat logs are a feature that will be released in an upcoming version of GoGuardian Teacher.

Are chat logs saved?

Yes! Although the first release of Chat in GoGuardian Teacher will not include the ability to read historical chats, they will be saved and readable in an upcoming release of GoGuardian Teacher.

How come I can’t see the Chat icon?

Occasionally, when browser windows are resized, the Chat icon can become hidden. You can recover the Chat icon by:

  1. Resizing the browser window to a larger size.
  2. Refreshing the browser window.

Can I move the Chat icon?

Yes! You can move the Chat icon by clicking and dragging the icon to a different place.

Can students talk to each other using Chat?

No. Chat in GoGuardian Teacher is between the teacher and the student only, and students cannot talk to each other using Chat.

Can I disable Chat for one classroom but enable it for another?

Yes! Chat settings are saved on a classroom basis, and you can enable Chat for one classroom but disable it for another.

You can learn how to enable or disable chat here:Disable or Enable Chat.

Can I enable or disable Chat during an active classroom session? How long will it take before Chat is enabled or disabled?

Yes! Enabling or disabling Chat during an active classroom session will enable or disable it almost immediately.

Should I use Announcement Mode or Lock Screen?

Although Announcement Mode will lock student screens, they can easily unlock their screens by clicking on the Got it button. If you need to lock student screens for more than a moment or two, you should use the Lock Screen command instead.

Do I need to enable Announcement Mode?

Only when you want to send an Announcement! If your classroom has Chat in GoGuardian Teacher already enabled, then you can use Announcement Mode now!

If you haven’t enabled Chat yet, you can learn how to here: Enable Chat in GoGuardian Teacher.


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