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Taking a snapshot while in a classroom session allows you to view the student's screen and save a snapshot of their current displayed browser. 

This is useful for saving information that you might need to reference after the session has ended.

If you would like to take a snapshot while viewing a student's screen it is very simple. Here are some steps to take snapshots while monitoring a student's activity.

1. While in an active classroom select 'Screens'

2. Select the student that you would like to Snapshot

3. In the viewing window of their browser a menu will appear.

4. Hover over the image and select the 'Camera' icon to take a Snapshot

5. To view and download the Snapshot select the 'Snapshots' link in the toolbar

6. Select 'Download Snapshot' to save the file to your computer

For more information please visit our 'Timeline' article here.

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