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A session is the digital equivalent of your classroom period for the day. When you begin a new session all students that are currently enrolled in that Classroom will be joined automatically and you will begin to see their data populate in your Session View. If a student is absent you can choose to exclude them from the day’s session by selecting their names upon startup. All session data is automatically recorded and will be archived and available for review at any point. 

This article will guide you through:

  • Starting a Session
  • Extending a Session
  • Ending a Session


Starting a Session

  1. Select your Classroom
  2. In the pane to the right, specify session length from the drop down menu. 
  3. To exclude absent students, select Want to exclude students? and grey out each student from the list that appears.
  4. Click Start Session



Extending a Session

  1. Hover over time remaining and click update session time.
  2. Select how long you’d like to extend the session, or enter a custom end time.
  3. Click on Update Session



Ending a Session

  1. Click on red End Session button
  2. Wait 10 seconds. To undo, click Undo

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