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Using Google Classroom Integration with GoGuardian for Teachers

If you already use Google Classroom for your students, you can now take advantage of seamless integration with GoGuardian for Teachers. This integration feature allows you to create and manage your classes all in one place while eliminating the need to manually create and add students to classrooms again in GoGuardian for Teachers. 


Importing a Classroom from Google Classroom

Syncing Your Students

Identifying Your Google Classrooms



Importing a Classroom from Google Classroom 

To import a classroom you have already created in Google Classroom to GoGuardian, start with the "Add Classroom" button in the top right corner of your dashboard main view. 


Scroll to the bottom of the window that pops up and choose "Add From Google."


If prompted, enter your Google account credentials. Then, select the classroom you want to import. 

Please note: the class size limit for GoGuardian for Teachers is 100 students. If you import a Google Classroom that is larger than that, only the first 100 students will be imported into the GoGuardian for Teachers dashboard. 



Syncing Your Students

Once your classroom is imported, your student list will automatically sync. Updates to your student list will be synced every hour; to manually force these changes to happen sooner, click the "Sync Students from Google" button. 



Identifying Your Google Classrooms

Once imported, your classroom will appear on the main page of your GoGuardian for Teachers dashboard, with a "G" logo in the bottom right-hand corner, to indicate it is a Google Classroom. 

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