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Organization Management

If you are an administrator with "Super User" permissions, you can make changes to your school's account by visiting Organization Management at

GoGuardian's Organization Management tool allows you to: 


Adding Teachers

To add a teacher to your account, click on the "Add User" button.


Fill out the user's name and school email address, then select "Enabled" from the GoGuardian for Teachers dropdown menu. If you would like the teacher to be able to make changes to other teachers' accounts, check the "Super User" box. 

By default, full Organizational Unit access is checked for new teachers. Because this setting only affects GoGuardian for Administrators and not GoGuardian for Teachers, you can leave these boxes checked. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click "Add User." 

Once you have added the teacher to your account, he/she will receive an email with instructions for how to set a password to use with GoGuardian for Teachers. 

To add multiple teachers at once, click on "Add Multiple Users" and upload a CSV with the list of teachers formatted as "Name,". Place one entry per line. By uploading teachers in a batch, you can set their permissions all at once for multiple teachers.

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Disabling Teachers

You can disable a teacher account in one of two ways. 

The first way is to find the teacher on the list of users, then click the "Disable" button to the right of his/her name.

The second way is to click "Edit" next to the user's name, then check the "Disable" box and click "Save." 


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Edit Teacher Account

To edit a teacher account, such as to change a misspelling of the name or update the email address, click the "Edit" button to the right of the teacher. Make the necessary changes, then click the "Save" button. These changes will take effect immediately. 

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Password Resets

To reset a teacher's password, click "Edit" to the right of his/her name. Then, click on the "Resend password reset email" link.


This link will send an email to the email address listed with instructions for how to reset the teacher's password. 

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Checking Product Licenses

To check the expiration date of your licenses, click on the "Products" tab in the light gray bar. This will show you the expiration dates for any active licenses, and list any products available to you for a free trial. 

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