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Accessing Information From Past Sessions

To view activity from past sessions, go to and click on a classroom. You will see all past sessions from that classroom, organized with the most recent sessions first.

To view information from a particular session, simply click on that session. You will be brought to the timeline view:



From there, you’ll be able to click on individual students and see the active and inactive tabs they had open at any given moment, along with the amount of time they spent on the active tab. You can also click on any of the tabs to view them in a separate window:



To scroll back and forth to an earlier or later point in the session, click on the arrows above the timeline:



While in the timeline view, you can sort the students by first name, last name, or connection status:



To view the commands you sent during the session, click on the “Commands” tab:

To view saved snapshots, click on the “Snapshots” tab:



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