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Why can't I see my student's screen?

I can see the student's tabs but not an image of their screen. 

In this case, it's possible that this user does not have screenshots enabled. Please ask the tech administrator for your school to check this setting in the Google Admin Console under Device Management >> Chrome Management >> User Settings >> Screenshot. It needs to be enabled in order for the student's screen to be visible in GoGuardian for Teachers:



A student is listed as having “No Data.” 

This means that a network connection could not be established between their device and our servers. If a student's screen shows "No Data" and you are certain they have open tabs please follow our troubleshooting steps found here.


A student is listed as having “No Active Tabs.” What does this mean?

This means that the student does not currently have any tabs open in the Chrome browser. They could, for instance, be using a downloaded app, or if they are on a non-Chromebook device, they could be using another browser like Safari or Firefox. Their device could have also gone to sleep. If a student is listed as having no active tabs and you are certain they have the Chrome browser open please follow our troubleshooting steps found here.

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