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Product Settings

The Product Settings view will allow you to change accessibility settings that will affect all users with access to GoGuardian for Teachers. This view will allow you to control the settings for 3 separate fields.

In order to reach the product settings views:

  1. From the dashboard click the drop down menu in the top left corner of the page
  2. Select manage organization
  3. Select the products tab 
  4. Select the settings link in the sidebar



Allow Classroom Sessions

Allowing classroom sessions will allow you to toggle teacher's abilities to create sessions in GoGuardian for Teachers altogether. Having the option disabled means teachers are unable to create any sessions for any classroom at any time. 



Enable Scheduling by Day

Enabling scheduling by day will allow you to to toggle teacher's abilities to create sessions in GoGuardian for Teachers based on specific time frames (e.g. only during school hours). Before changing the settings ensure that timezone is set correctly to avoid any issues with time discrepancies. Then simply select which days you would like to allow teachers to create sessions and specify the time range during each day. Disabling a day means teachers cannot create any sessions for any classrooms on that day.



User Exceptions

User Exceptions allows you to exempt specific users from ever being included in a classroom session regardless of the settings specified above. In order to add a user simply enter their email address into the space provided and click add or you may import multiple users at once by selecting import CSV. If you would like to remove a user simply click remove to the right of their name and they will be removed.



IP Restrictions

IP Restrictions allow you to define an allowed IP range that restricts students from joining classroom sessions when they are outside of school. If a student is not within the range, she/he will not connect to the classroom. To add an IP restriction simply enter the desired IP range within the areas provided and click add. If you would like to remove an IP restriction click on remove next to the IP range you wish to remove.




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