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Enrolling Students

Once you have created a classroom, you will need to enroll your students (If you added classrooms via Google click here). 

To enroll students, select the classroom you want to add them to from the main page of your dashboard, then click on the "Students" tab. 

Click on "Add Students."

You will be given the three options for how to enroll students. Read on to find out more about each method.


By Enroll Code

This is the fastest way to enroll your students if they are in the room with you and logged in while you are trying to enroll them.

First, click on "Use Code." You will be given a six-digit alphanumeric code that is unique to your classroom. 

Then, have your students visit to enter the code.

From the Teacher dashboard, make sure you are looking at the "Students" tab in your classroom, then click the  button to add the student to the classroom.



By Email Address

You can add students by email address whether or not they are currently logged into their Chromebooks. To do this, choose the "Add Emails" option. 

In the window that pops up, type in the email addresses of each student you would like to add to the classroom. Hit the ENTER key between typing each email address, then click "Add Students" when you have finished entering all students' email addresses. 

Close the Add Email window, and you're all set!




A CSV, or comma separated values document, allows you to create a document with your students' email addresses to upload into GoGuardian. Watch the video below for instructions on how to upload students by CSV.

First, click on the "Upload CSV" option. 

On your computer, create a CSV file with one email address per line and no header row. Then, from the Teacher dashboard, select this file using the "Choose File" button. 


Click "Import Students"

Your students will be added to the session. That's all there is to it!



Enrolling students from Google Classroom

If you added classrooms via Google then your students should have been automatically enrolled into your GoGuardian classroom. However, as classrooms can change, you can always update your roster to ensure all your students are properly enrolled. The list of students enrolled in your classroom will update every hour. You may also manually sync at any time by clicking the button to Sync Students from Google at any time. 


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