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The Timeline view is the easiest way to see what your students are doing. You will see their activity listed as a colorful bar on the screen. This bar represents the user’s active tab at the indicated time. The bar is colored to correspond with the color of the favicon for the page (the icon you see in the browser tab next to the title). Most popular websites have an easily recognizable favicon making this very easy to read at a glance. Sites with no favicon will show an image of a globe with a gray bar.



Clicking on a specific point in the timeline will open up that user’s browser information. If you’re in an active session and click on the most recent entry you will see a list of all the currently open tabs. If you click on a section of the timeline from earlier in the session you will see the tabs that were open at that point in time. This detailed history makes it extremely easy to look up browsing information to find out which students have been off task.



You can change the scope of the timeline by using the controls directly above it. Zooming in and out allows you to pull back and see a bird’s eye view of the entire session. Viewing the timeline like this tends to easily expose students that had momentarily opened up web pages when they should have been focused on schoolwork. Going back and forth in time is easy as well. You can use the dedicated buttons above the timeline itself, or to make things easier, just use the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard.



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